How to Get Your First Clients

We just founded a micro-agency called Small and Modern. We have two developers as employees, and we need projects to keep them busy. But how do you find your first clients?

Doing research
Me doing research on how to find clients

I live by the motto “Everything is figure-out-able”, and Google and YouTube are my best friends in figuring things out.

So in youtubing my way through this problem, I watched video after video telling me to run a blog, a youtube channel, a podcast and active social media profiles, all giving me cold sweat. 😰 There’s no way I can squeeze even more time out of my already packed schedule to do that!

Then I came across Chris’ YouTube Video telling me how he started out.

This is the first time I have the feeling that these tips are actually helpful. They are actually doable, and my gut tells me they are much more effective than running all these social media things.

This is so much down to earth, and relatable – befriend your local business owners! Yes, I can do that! 😃

So I want to leave it here as a tip for you (and for myself to look up).

Here’s a summary of the 5 tips:

  1. Ask Friends and Family
  2. Meet with Local Businesses
  3. Contact Ad Agencies
  4. Become Affiliated with Local Businesses that Offer a Similar Service - Print Shops, Graphic Designers, Web Developers
  5. Post Your Work on Social Media - Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook

Thanks so much, Chris!
And for you, dear reader, I recommend you subscribe to his channel A Nerd’s World - lots of gems in there.

If you have any other tips in how to find clients as a developer, make sure to leave a comment. 👇 Thanks for reading (and watching)! ❤️

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